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What We Do


ONE LEBANON initiates, develops and supports projects that encourage citizens to live together harmoniously in a peaceful Lebanon. It promotes respect for diversity, both individual and collective, and seeks to uphold ethical integrity among the Lebanese Youth.


Together with national stakeholders, ONE LEBANON supports programs that promote the understanding of theoretical and conceptual foundations of peace education as well as engagement with a broad spectrum of critical, participatory and transformative pedagogies for a culture of peace. 


ONE LEBANON aims to promote activities that teach the skills and values associated with peaceful behaviors. Our projects are designed to enable and encourage young Lebanese to think constructively about issues, both physical and social and to develop constructive attitudes towards living together and solving problems that arise in Lebanon through peaceful means.


ONE LEBANON paves the way towards unity through cultural and sport activities and its spirit of solidarity is shown the support of many celebrities as well as emerging artists who are role models for the youth.


our 2014 Activity Report

ONE LEBANON social programs and impact on the Lebanese society - specifically among the youth - are been achieved due to the support of our generous sponsors and donors:

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